Holga, my friend.

Last year I received a Holga camera for my birthday (if you don't know what a Holga is, go here and get a brief rundown from the ever inaccurate wikipedia). Sadly, I bought a couple rolls of film and then promptly packed my new toy away as other projects took priority. I've always been interested in vintage cameras and have been wanting to find some photography projects that aren't digital. This winter, I finally took it out of storage for a day. Believe it or not, it wasn't until today that I finally got the film developed. I was disappointed and thrilled with the results.

One of the token things that that you can do with the camera (and others, of course) is overlap exposures. My awesome results were as follows; however, I have no clue how I did it.

Bright outside lighting definitely works best for this cheap 'lil thing and I think
my next attempt might be with black and white film. We shall see. I was also semi-pleased with some of the classic vignetting that is a common feature of this camera but maybe I'll save those shots for another day.

I think my next challenge will be to dust off my grandfather's old Pentax SLR and give it a whirl. I have a feeling my true photography colors will be shown.