It seems I took an extended hiatus. We arrived back in Edmonton from our travels and launched into life here again. I must admit, it has taken me awhile to gather my innards and reassess what the rhythms of my life look and feel like now. I have busied myself by clearing my garden and planning for the planting season, formulating a violin program for the summer recital, teaching kids, and giving myself time to just be idle.

And that lasted for a couple days.

Now, these sunny days have propelled me out for morning walks and bookworm afternoons. Cups of coffee with friends that linger and evening meals on the patio with Arden.

I find myself on the cusp of transition and I've been feeling the growing pains of gathering up and letting go. Feeling a sense of purposelessness since school ended and purpose. Feeling a sense of loneliness and loss for things that must be left behind yet embracing the tension and chaos and beauty of a creative life and motherhood wholeheartedly. It aches and it's exhilarating.

I'm back - redefining and brainstorming what this space will look like. Please stick around.