Come soon, we have a room for you.

Remember this space?

This was the spot where many things were hashed out. This was the space that housed excruciating hours of mulling, rewriting, reading, hair loss, and study. Yup, it was here that a thesis was written and quite possibly thrown against the wall a couple times.

Now, it will hold a sweet, sweet, babe. I have been busy collecting and rearranging. For those who know me, I have a few bird figurines in my home. Yup, birds and owls certainly made their way here as well. I decided to back off the bird motif a bit so I bought a bunny print from a local artist, tossed in a few bear stuffies, and called it a woodland creatures nursery. Ha! Barely. A forest full of birds.

Call it nesting or call it a privilege to make room for such a precious person, I've enjoyed finding all the pieces and putting it all together. The cradle was made by my Dad when I was born and I am beyond thrilled that it gets to rock this child of ours to sleep. I started crocheting that blanket pretty much immediately after we found out about this babe. It was stored away while school was underway and then brought out of storage on our holiday.

There is a little bit more to add, but I am loving this space already. I think maybe one more baby hat needs knitting.


Cass said…
I LOVE it. It is such a sweet and warm place. Special K will definitely feel welcome and at home there.
Theresa said…
Yay!! What a beautiful space! I can't wait until you're sweet little baby makes his/her grand entrance!!
Carla said…
Oh I love it too, Erika! SO beautiful and so "you guys". :) Loved chatting it up the other day. Thank you...

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