Last week friends, family, and comrades flooded me with special outings, emails, and chats. I got started on some projects, finished others, and remembered to be grateful. Life, it is good, so good, and sometimes the heart is just plain silly.

Arden and I spent our Saturday morning with a mug of coffee and our feet up, laughing at the fickleness of emotions and pausing every 3 minutes to feel two feet kick and squirm. It is hard to believe that there are a mere 13 weeks left before we get to meet this little one. I think we are both feeling waves and twinges of impatience and a complete lack of preparation. I had another ultrasound last week and this babe continues to move and groove. Every time I see that little heart beat I am overwhelmed with a duality of emotions: one recognizes that our lives are never going to be the same and the other gently strums the chord of motherhood so that it resonates with affirmation again, "these giftings are really in you."

Goodness gracious, this is going to be good.


to the little baby, i LOVE you. love from jenny.xo.
to the beautiful mama, i know you will be the exact mama that your wee one needs. its a perfect match. hugs and love from jenny.xo.