Little darling...

...its been a long, cold, lonely winter.

Dear friends, it is with great joy and gratitude that we can share that we are expecting our first child in August! We are thrilled!

Has the winter been too long for anyone else out there? The weariness, sickness, and blues had me about ready to find a snowbank to crash into but then it was gone; And there is a thriving and fluttering little one to show for it. Oh wee heart, beat strong.

If I can gather up the loose ends of my school work, we are hoping to still venture out East for graduation and vacation.

Party with us!!!

15 weeks


Cass said…
I'm so excited for you. (Have I said that enough yet?) Isn't it so strange how the woes of the first trimester just disappear overnight?
Erika said…
Yup. I was pretty much, "PREGNANCY SUCKS!" And then things definitely improved around the 12 week mark! Thanks for your excitement! We're stoked too!
Judy said…
And these "grandparents-to-be" are thrilled as well! I don't know if the world is ready for THIS grandma's brag book! :-)
Erika said…
Ha! I don't know, Mom. I have witnessed the First Edition of this brag book. I think you may need to invest in an ipad to make it more portable. :)

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