The Opening Door

This Christmas and beginning of a New Year seems to have gotten away from us. There were significant moments of rest and reflection throughout Christmas yet when New Years hit, there was very little time for pause.

Last week, the season of Epiphany began and at this the Monday and new beginning to the working week, I find myself in desperate need of clarity, hope, and Presence. Mumford & Sons Awake My Soul has been the theme and heartbeat behind these days - in the crescendos, flourishes and disappointments.

How fickle my heart

So awake, awake, my soul and breath Life deeply into your pores.

Where you invest your love, you invest your life.

Epiphany refers to the manifestation of Christ in our midst. As I wearily look out my window this morning - the flame of my candle flickering, the flame of my heart tentative and sometimes misguided, I raise this my anthem, "Awake my soul, you were made to meet your Maker."

The joy, hope, and miracle of Epiphany is that our Maker has come to meet us too.

The Opening Door
*a New Year's reading from The Celtic Book of Daily Prayer

You have given us life
and we welcome Your coming.
Be with us, Lord,
we have joy, we have joy.
This year is a new year,
the opening door.
Be with us, Lord,
we have joy, we have joy.


darien said…'s funny, after seeing your facebook announcement today, I came back to your blog to see what it was that I had read, that made me think you had such news...and here it is. SO happy for you!