let's get out of town.

The view from my laptop this morning.

Just popping in to say I will be MIA for a tad longer.

Arden's Christmas present this year was a weekend of snowboarding. We are in the mountains for three days of mountain shredding for Arden, and busy work for me. I am nearing deadlines and feeling them breath down my neck (hey, stop that). In between being the pesky wife cautioning my husband not to break limbs, I will be a busy-writing-bee... And maybe dipping my feet in the hot-tub, cozy-ing near the fire, and eating soup.

Enjoy the weekend! What are you up to?


hrmustang said…
Hey! Let's be friends! (haha I say that because of your introduction on your blog page) :) WOw, pretty view from your laptop... and cute blog in general!
Unknown said…