Home-made Christmas (ideas #3 & 4)

My tree is glorious. Just, glorious!

These days, the incessant crafting has continued in the evenings once brain and go-power for other tasks cease. Or, like last night, crafting gallops off into the sunset when the giddiness of a real tree in my house grabs me by the reins.

This is my take on some ornaments that caught my eye earlier this season.

Felt: White, Grey, and Red-$4 at Michaels
Needle and Thread
Black and White ribbon-$1 at Dollorama

For these, I really just used this picture as my guide and made up my own template for the bird cut outs. A pretty quick and pretty easy way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

The home-made garland was a must last night. The tree just had to be bedazzled.

Wrapping paper: I used left over Ikea stuff from last year
A long strand of bright colored wool

Cut the paper of your choice into long strips approximately 1" thick each. Fold over into triangles and cut away. Staple the folded triangle over the strand of wool about 1/2 inch apart.

I like how it turned out, but I must say, I cut out a bazillion squares.

Hey you, have you played the Sufjan Stevens Christmas video game yet? Oh boy, oh boy! Go here. It is a laugh and a decent get-away when you are one click/type away from insanity.

There is much to get done on the school-front before Christmas can bust out. There is also a Christmas recital on the horizon for my violin kiddos. My extreme love and admiration goes out to elementary school teachers and their ability to coordinate trillions of kids in Christmas pageants. How do they do it??? Seriously. Combine nerves with cabin fever with sugar with a violin with the joyful and sometimes terrifying spontaneity of children and you have my life.

Looks like, that's it for now.
In all your comings and goings, be well out there.


I just stumbled on here. I am a craft idiot, but I'm inspired to try it. Those felt things are cute.
Carla said…
Love it, Erika!!