This is a generous bouquet that was given to me from one of my newest students. It is always during seasons of questioning this whole teaching gig that I receive something like this and then I am instantly grateful again to be doing what I do. How did she know red is my favorite color? It has surely been brightening this home.

This week I have been settling near the fire in the later evenings with the husband. Do you realize we are 26 days away from 'Tree Day'? I've been brainstorming Christmas-gift crafting ideas. Can you tell what this is?

Neck warmers
are making a come-back so I came up with my own version. It uses less yarn than a normal scarf and satisfies my button obsession.

Other things on my link list these days:
*I want to make this one day. Oh and this, too. Maybe even this season.

*Cutest cake idea ever.

*If you haven't gotten on the bandwagon yet, hop on! There are some wonderful meaningful lectures and insights to be found there.

*This is my go-to, "life is so beautiful so let's cry about it," band. The song, 'Awake My Soul' just about does me in.

*Henri Matisse coming to our art gallery? Yes please.

Enjoy these sunny autumn days.