✽ 11/08/10

I had the table set by six and we dined together. After the dishes were drying and the floor swept, we set out for an evening walk. I stepped out onto the porch, wrapping a scarf around my bare neck. Darkness had overcome the light of day and the crispness of winter swept across my face in a tease.
"It's going to snow soon and this time it's going to stay."

We walked towards the open field two blocks from our home - following our feet, following the pavement towards soil, and following the rows of streetlights that hovered closely like soldiers.

We came to our favorite lookout over the river valley and stopped. The vehicle lights over the hill darted to and fro, weaving and stringing everyone together in a spiderweb of connection. The city skyline flickered greetings to the township down below and we participated in this late night conversation.

I slipped my hand into Arden's. Quiet and persistent thoughts overtook us.

"Here we are, amidst the chatter and flow of a city settling. Here we are, making our way in the world."