(source - Jazz: 10th Edition)

After fretting about a sufficient metaphor or analogy to use in my thesis, I think I finally got it. I needed something that was familiar; something that was perhaps even a little meaningful to me so that I could embrace it thoroughly. I also needed something that I could directly and specifically refer to when I speak of the tormented & suffering artist.

My thesis proposal is up and running. Meander if you like but unless you see some glaring oversights, please don't proofread it. I've freaked out enough already.

When I suggested my potential book title to Arden,
Jazz Makes Me Sad: Caring for the Creative Soul in the Christian Life
, I quickly backed it up with,

"Do you think it sounds too much like 'Chicken Soup for the Creative Soul'? Because I DO NOT want to be put on that shelf."
"Ya, it kinda does."
"Dang it."

For better or for worse, there it is.


Carla said…
haha! awww - yay for husbands who aren't afraid to say it like they think. I know you'll have something AMAZING and I can't wait to hear about - or maybe even get to read it if I'm super duper lucky. ;)