Autumns Here.

It has been a full couple of weeks.
I hit the road a couple days for lectures here and here. They were informative and stirring and just made me want to return home and write, write, write.

We have had family gatherings and friend gatherings and community gatherings. We are so rich.

As we near Thanksgiving weekend I am reminded again how much I love the changing of seasons - grateful that we have seasons of harvest and feasting. Let us feast!


Unknown said…
Eeek! What a pretty blog you have here! And the images in this post are so perfectly autumnal.

Anonymous said…
I like it as seasons change, but I do hope to hang on to something of the outgoing one.
Heidi McMaster said…
I LOVE your photographs and your sense of style! You could work for a home magazine :).
Deanna said…
(I just responded to your comment on my blog, but then wasn't sure if you'd see it there. So here's a repeat! ;))

Hi Erika!
So great to 'meet' you! Thanks for delurking ;) I always appreciate connecting with people following the story, as well as finding new blogs and writers to follow myself. Fun!
Your blog is beautiful and your family is just gorgeous. I agree, I think we were at Prairie for some shared time. Ah Prairie...feels like a lifetime ago....

Hope you have a beautiful weekend on the way :)