Week one of autumn.

Autumn's here, to be sure. We have hung low this week under a cool mist and fog that has hung over the city. Our fireplaces and candles glow and flicker in the evening. Our fingers and thoughts have been busy by day. The final schedule has been made for my little eager violinists and they have returned much taller and grown-up than I last left them.

We have been picking up the gazillion apples that have littered my lawn. Or I should say, Arden has picked up most of them. He is such a good chap.

Grazing on the last of the summer fruit.

Keeping quiet and keeping busy. The book basket is staying stocked and the thinking wheels are beginning to turn as I embark into this LAST YEAR of school. Here we go!


Unknown said…
Yeah! Hope things are super with you. Thanks for being such a good friend you were such an encouragement to hang out with and have over. I am so proud of you and excited to hear how your final projects turn out. P.S. Love the pic of your workspace.
Alexandru said…
Hello! :) Nice blog..:)