Spaces, Part 1.

I am sorry this space has been so quiet. It's because. Well. I've been quiet. The week after our folk fest experience hit me like most busy spurts do. They come up from behind, all sneaky and stuff.

The past few weeks have been used to regroup and simmer in one's thoughts while surrounding oneself with loved ones. Now it is time to tackle the tasks at hand.

It seems I exited out of vacation mode and entered straight back into busy mode. The whole experience left me feeling a little bit frazzled, tired, rattled and with a lingering sense that this is not how I should live. We need rhythms of activity and prolonged space in our lives don't we?

So, as we embark into autumn I want to embark into a couple of special spaces of mine. I realized that mid-summer, right on the cusp of escaping away for vacation and fun, we moved spaces ourselves.

Our new little home is just the cat's pajamas. It has a yard and a porch and nooks and warmth and light. One of my new favorite spots is our upstairs loft. Recently, while trying to enter into the academic tasks at hand I realized it would be great if there was a spot where I could leave my books disheveled and my computer set up for hours at a time. As much as the wee desk in our apartment sufficed, it is wonderful to retreat to this space of mine in the evening with a glass of wine or in the morning to catch sunbeams with my first cup of coffee of the day.

I give you, my "work space." It has all the necessities. A fireplace for the crisp mornings, a guitar in the corner, a candle to light at the onset of a new day, and framed keepsakes from our journeys. Perfect.

What about you? Do you have some favorite spaces in your home? Do you have some spaces outside your home that you frequent often? How are they significant to you and yours? Do share.

More soon.


Lovely. I am in the process of trying to reclaim our loft room. It is in a state of chaos and disarray. But I WILL get there. Yours definitely inspires me. Oh oh and I have that mug! I have that mug!! :)
Why exactly do cats where pajamas?
Erika Britt said…
DUDE! Cats WEAR pajamas to relax and have fun. They are like stretchy pants. :)

Rachel! Sweet! I can't believe you still have that mug!
Theresa said…
I'm glad you guys are settled into your new house! That loft looks amazing!!! What a great place to work!
darien said…
wow, it's so gorgeous!