O Canada! Run, run, run!

Canada Day, for us, began at the crack of dawn with over 700 eager runners. At 7:30am we stood at the cusp of the river valley singing 'O Canada' and then the throngs were set loose with Bagpipes! Bagpipes! I didn't even mind the fact that they were playing, 'Scotland the Brave'. Bagpipes!

Arden ate free pancakes and then met me in the university area to cheer and take pictures as I rounded the bend at the 10K mark.

5K later, it was the home stretch up a killer hill to the Legislature and the finish line. THE FINISH LINE! Sweet mercy.

It was a great experience, all around. Runners and coordinators cheer you on the whole way and it's so encouraging to hear hoots and hollers from complete strangers that just want you to do well. In the end I didn't get the time I was shooting for but seeing how it's my first 15K race, I'm going to take some tips from those seasoned runners and get my speed UP!

In the evening we barbecued with friends, cozied up to a fire, then wrapped ourselves in blankets and gratitude to share the fireworks with the city and comrades.

"The Sky is wide as the road is long...I do, I do, I do, I do still want you O CANADA!"
-Jason Collett {Love Song To Canada}