My weekend held a surplus of young music makers which made for a very busy violin recital. This was the first time the director of the music school had specific recitals that were exclusive to a single instrument. I have to say it went swimmingly. It placed a lot more ownership and need for organization on my part but it was amazing to see 20 violins in the same room. It's hard to believe I have enough students to allow for an entire hour of music. I was beaming. They were beaming with pride and they were quivering with nerves. As always there were enough poofy dresses that if they were filled with helium the concert hall would float away. Adorable to say the least.

On Saturday, with a couple of hours to kill, Arden graciously sat down with me and proceeded to ask a billion good questions about my thesis. My downfall in most formal writing is that I always tend to always bite off more than I can chew and then I get really overwhelmed by how much I have to write, and how little space I am allowed. I'm always reminded to narrow my scope and not try to change the world in one paper. Just focus on one thing, not a billion.

Needless to say, Arden assisted with just that and I now feel like it all is a lot more manageable and less scattered. Thank you husband for your good question skills and helping your crazy over-biting wife feel less like a mad professor. Leave it to a gracious husband to help a deranged wife feel a little more grounded.

It's work, work, work this week. Here we GO!