New to you.

We found a new little home for us that is just right.
It is cute and quaint and lovely and full of new spaces and nooks for us to practice community and music making and hospitality.
Looks like in July we will be busy bees packing and sorting.

Any volunteers to help us move?
Any volunteers to help us reacquaint ourselves with our BBQ again this August?
Late summer evenings on our backyard veranda?

Yes please!


darien said…'s adorable! Congratulations you two. How very exciting!
Judy said…
Oh how we would love to help you move! We look forward to seeing your new home in early August! August birthdays maybe?

We love you! HEAPS!

Mom and for Dad
Carla said…
Oh Erika - it's like a HOUSE house!!! I'm so happy for you! I did get your new addy - thank you - so I'll be sending your first little package to your new little address. Horaay!
hadassah said…
Erika, i found yr blog on yr FB. congrats on the house - i love it! so cute! Ralph & I just bought one in June so i totally know how you're feeling. :) it's weird moving from an apt. into a house - so much more room to fill up! We have to get more furniture yet, and did get some nicer stuff to replace our "college" type stuff, etc. We just had our 1st chance to "practice hospitality" last night for our church group. it was intense. :P Anyway, congrats! awesome!