*the itch

These sunny days have graced us with another itch to travel.

A nagging urge to pack our bags, throw care to the wind and just get out of town.

To be fancy-free and adventuresome.

This summer we are anticipating a two week excursion to BC for some solid beaching, camping, anniversary-ing, wine country-ing, writing, exploring, and cherry picking. July cannot come fast enough but first there are papers to wrap up, research to commence, and violin recitals to coordinate. There is certain not to be a lull in this next season but I'm looking forward to the slow longer days of high-summer.

Image by one of my favorite etsy crafters who among other things paints picturesque European streets.


Cass said…
We are headed to BC for two weeks in July as well! If you are anniversarying then you will be there the same time we are! What part of BC are you visiting?
Erika Britt said…
Sweet! We are in Penticton until the 21st, and then we really don't have any solid plans except to explore the Okanogan. We're still not sure if we're going to make it all the way to Vancouver, but we might just need some ocean time. Where are you friends going to be?