help needed

Hi friends.

I have posted my thesis reading list (to your right, under RE:WORDING) and I need YOUR help.

The over-riding question of my thesis is this,
"Does a healthy synthesis exist between suffering/broken-ness/pain and the creative process?"

With that said, I would like all you creative types and good thinkers out there to show yourself, take a look at my reading-list, and give me your input.

Have your read any of these books, if so which ones?
Are there any books on the list that you would advise NOT reading?
Is there further reading you would suggest?

Thanks peeps. You're the real deal.


Amber said…
I don't know if this answers the question in a way that is useful to your thesis - but I personally find when it comes to writing (be it songs, journals, short stories, etc.) to be very emotionally therapeutic.

The process is an opportunity for things such as unprocessed experiences, thoughts, questions, anxieties, curiosity, etc. that may not otherwise come out - if not for the drive to be creative, and the action required to create.
Erika Britt said…
Thanks so much Amber, this does help. I guess my questions to Artists would be, what about the lineage of Artists, maneuvering the creative process with unhealthy lifestyles that we all know about? Addictions, depression, suicide, etc, etc, where an Artist's muse is perpetually their "broken-ness."

Perhaps another question I would want to ask is, when all is said and done, and beautiful Art is created in the face of horrific circumstances, is it worth it? I would say a hearty YES! But what about the opposite... when troubling Art is created in the face of horrific circumstances. Is Art for the sake of Art worth it? Is there an alternative? As Artists, do we really want to hear it? Does it diminish the integrity of Art that is created in moments of anguish/torment? As Artists, is it healthy to sit in the pain/suffering forever and let it be the prickly scab that is our muse?

Can the creative process perhaps contribute to an Artist's healing and whole-ness?