This is not where I should be.

On the airplane from Toronto to Boston I sat beside an eighty year old geologist. After hearing my sad tale he was down right perky.

"But my dear, Boston is the Athens of America!"

Nope, I am not in Turkey. I am stuck. Stuck on the back swing of a very bad airline experience. Stuck where I don't want to be. Stuck all by myself eating takeout and watching Kitchen Nightmares on the food network.

I could go into details but that just might make me cry again. I write this little weepy blog-post to let my family know I am safe and sound, just not where I prefer.

Pray the Lord carves a way for me to make it on a plane to Istanbul tomorrow. I can't help but feel worried and helpless and troubled.

Much love to you from a lonesome hotel room in the Athens of America.


darien said…
Praying for you Erika...I hope you're on your way.
erika:( sent from all of us.blessings on your travels.
Carla said…
I LOVE YOU! (That's why I've written you a buttload of notes - can you tell?)