heading home

Hello friends and family,

The words of the day are, homeward bound!

The grand finale to my trip to Greece was a flurry of activity coupled with brisk good-byes. I parted ways with my learning community and traveling posse in Boston and hopped on a flight to Denver to visit with one of my best friends for a couple days. It has been a blessing to connect with her and love on her family (and take pictures, pictures, pictures).

Tomorrow I hop on a final flight that will take me home to my my sickly-lonesome husband where I will greet him with a big-fat-I'm-home-forever-kiss and proceed to make him soup.

I will have more pictures and stories from the tail end of Greece, then.

Thanks for lurking this space over the past few weeks. Don't go far.

PS: Aren't my friends just amazing?


blessings on your travels home. arden was looking pretty lonesome without his beautiful friend...you. we will have to have you both for dinner so we can hear about your crazy adventures. camel rides?!? crazy! much love from jenny.
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