rounding the bend

Thanks for sticking around this quiet space for awhile longer. It is a busy season and I just realized the other day that by the end of March, all my course work will be done for my Masters. Say, what?!? Then it's just my thesis that awaits which will most likely blow my brains out.

My last module is just four weeks away and this one is a big one. I am traveling to Greece and Turkey with my class for three weeks of absorption of Greek art and culture, iconography, and early church exploration (particularly the missionary journeys of Paul). The momentum of anticipation for this trip, above the others, includes excitement coupled with twinges of sadness as this is an adventure that I will experience without my adventure-buddy.

He will be knee deep in accounting classes while I am eating Greek olives and walking through the ruins of Corinth, Ephesus, Phillipi and the Parthenon. This is just not fair.

Take care of him while I am away. I may just weep with each photo that I take-- oh how I wish my love could see it with his own eyes and with his hand clasped in mine. That's what adventures are meant to entail--hand in hand through each and every new step of the way.


i love your is so beautiful.