Ringing In 2010.

The past few days have been brisk and hearty. Gifts and giving. Journeys and homecomings. Feasting and lingering. A season we anticipate. A season gone in a wink.

I'm un-bedazzling our home this week. Tucking away winter treats and treasures and finding homes for new ones. I'm settling back into the rhythm of work and school while unearthing accents, articulations, swells and diminishes that suit the tempo of 2010. I love the crisp edges of a new calendar. The tiny squares of the days that await us--beaming and unspoiled. It seems backwards that the new year begins with the final bitter days of winter. Is not the heart of earth weathered and cold to the bone? Oh, but if we wait. If we trudge and shiver and make a mark in the snow for each new day. If we hold out a bit longer, the first gentle breaths of spring will uncover the sleeping giant.