In the thick of it.

It has a week of catch-up. I've been busy scheduling lessons from being sick, and this weekend I hope to finally pump out a final paper.

I've been in the thick of the Reformation all week, and those Protestants certainly had a lot to teach..

"To prevent a recurrence of such an insidious evil you must observe a certain diet. I have a very trustworthy remedy for this: our beer is a diuretic, and the physicians indeed call it diureticotate. In this respect it is plainly the queen of all beers. Wine, however, must be used sparingly."
Taken from Martin Luther's Letters of Spiritual Counsel

I will return, when the last school project is done!

In the midst of a snowy cold week of being homebodies, I begged Arden to go out in the knee deep snow and take Christmasy pictures. Rosy cheeked from pushing cars out of snow drifts along the way but warmly bundled in scarves we caught snowflakes on our noses.


you guys are so cute i can't handle it...merry merry happy love...yay!!!