heave ho ho ho.

I've taken a mild hiatus since something got into my system that was just not agreeable. At all. Like, "put your hand over your mouth and run like the dickens," not agreeable.

I've been couch ridden since Monday night and have had the opportunity to watch the twinkle lights on my tree (that got put up just in time) and the frost form over our windows. Looks like winter is settling in.

Today, I am playing catch up.


Sorry to hear that you are sick too. I've been really careful for Bob's sake since with his CLL his immune system is not up to par. He does not need whatever bug popped by the house last weekend! For me, no food is working fine. Btw, a medical friend tells me 24 hour flu is a misnomer. This is intestinal infection caused by something other than a flu virus. Whatever it is called, don't like it at all!