Christmas, proceed.

"The Protestant Reformation resonates throughout history as a period in which radical influencers took courageous stands against corrupt institutions with a fiery determination to return to their spiritual roots and reclaim the authority and gifts of the Scriptures and Gospel message. Their vigour, for better or for worse, forged new thought, new systems, and new ground in the landscape of Christendom. The Protestant's namesake, protest, will continue to be tethered to this period characterized by advancement and tumult, discovery and disintegration, and union and dissension in Christian methodology, spirituality, and theology. The present-day mosaic of Christian expression and praxis acts as a continual reminder of our Christian faith's long lineage of growing pains in development—the rises and swells of revolutionary ideas and their consequences. A broken church in process."
Semper Reformada-The Church in Continual Reformation
by Erika Kobewka

The last brilliant thought has been squeezed (at 2 am I might add) and I'm ready to plunge headlong into Christmas projects. This last paper did not come as a storm but as a slow aggravating drip from a creaky faucet. I'm done wordsmith-ing for awhile.

Time to wrap up four final days of teaching. Kids dipping into the gingerbread and Christmas chocolate is like kids on crazy pills. Nothing about that equation is suitable for playing the violin especially when they have the shakes.

Looks like we're in a winter thaw, so I might venture out.

"Rejoice Rejoice! Emmanuel, shall come to thee O Israel."


so forest, soleil and i listened to you singing silent night on repeat for half an hour over was beautiful...merry merry christmas!
after said…
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