New Days.

I've mended. I think. Not without a few moments of frustration, a few tears, a few long naps, and a few movies. Pretty much comatose on the couch.

This week has been brisk and contemplative.

-We are a week into a new school year and the children are flooding in. I am teaching 4 afternoons a week and I may have to put a cap on it. No more. NO MORE! Where do they come from I wonder? It's like magic.

-This weekend Arden and I are fleeing this town to climb a mountain. We haven't had too many opportunities to "get away" this summer so darn-it, we are going to the mountains, finding ourselves a chalet, and doing some hard-core hiking. It should be an adventure. I have been told that the trail we've chosen is one of the hardest in the Canadian Rockies. A 700 meter ascent in something like 4 km. Is that a lot? I don't hike a lot these days. I may be just too optimistic for my own good.

-I am participating in the Edmonton 21 next weekend. I was hoping to do my first half marathon but time would not allow it this season. 10 km. will be my quest, and it may just do me in. I get a t-shirt and a little medal but I'm probably most excited about the little paper number that will get pinned to my back. A real race. Gee wiz.

-This season, harder than ever, I am desiring a balanced scale. An even plate. A fair share. I like to be busy and I must admit that most things I'm involved in I absolutely love. However, the sum of the individual parts run me off my feet.

I've gotten sick every 2 weeks for the past 5 months or so. Fever, chills, upset stomach, flu. I haven't mentioned it, because, mostly, well, I'm sick of talking about it. Quite literally.
I take my vitamins. I go to bed on time. I'm active. I try and make healthy choices. I wash my hands. Honestly, tell me something I'm not doing? It's time to really check out what is happening to my little body. Blood work and doctor's appointments are needed and there's a part of me that doesn't even want to crack that can. However, a friend brought me into the reality and depth of the situation with a stern look and one comment:
"There is no reason why you should not be healthy."
So. There you have it.

Here's to healthier days and hopefully a few answers.

New Days:
I am going to teach violin. I am going to further my education. I am going to pursue good things. God. Community. Life. Daily rhythms. Love. Deep breaths. Simplicity. Beauty.


Carla said…
Hi! Even the times you have posted, I've wondered at you getting sick so much. I'll pray that they figure it out so you can kick sickness in the butt - forever! (Well - or at least relegate to a more normal amount of occurrences.) I miss you a load!
natasha said…
So crappy, I'm sorry friend. I will be praying for you.
Judy said…
Hello dear daughter! It's no fun being sick and you've had more than your share! Please know we are praying for you too! (And we agree ... time to see the doctor!)
natasha said…
Super cute picture also.