*get behind me September!

And just like that it is September.

Here we are, on the brink of fall and still relishing the heat of summer.

The changing of seasons is one of my favorite things. It always seems fresh and untrodden. Always a surprise and always on time. I realized just where the summer had brought us when I stared at my coffee creamer's expiry date and it blinked "Sept. 4th" back at me. There's no stopping autumn now.

Summer came and went and although I don't regret the busy turn it took, the season certainly ran quickly and I chased it. Oh, did I chase it.

The Tree Stone Bakery was the biggest culprit in making our summer a brisk one but I am so glad I took the job. I met one of the most remarkable, generous, and thrifty ladies ever, and she just so happened to be my boss. I must say, I have been converted to her bread, and non other will do. I was warned I would become a bread-snob and it happened. I confess and in the same breath raise a HALLELUJAH at such a find. She finds much pleasure in seeing the enjoyment and continual nourishment from such a simple staple. Bread.

Meanwhile, stumbling in a thick misty euphoria of carbohydrates, I taught 17 eager young violinists. One young 7-year-old even completed his first RCM exam and I couldn't have been more proud. At the start of the summer I was going to take an exam of my own but when 1 job turned to 20 I took my husband's advice and said to the big fat test,
"I cannot do it all or I will go crazy."
And then I went skipping on my merry way to the other tasks at hand. We'll see what this year holds.

In the cracks and crevices of the long summer days I enjoyed
*weekends away visiting my niece and family,

{I think she is amazing, don't you?}

*dreaming big musical dreams with friends,
*a quick amazing camp-out on a lake, in the sun, with our church,
*Arden turning another year older the same day as my Dad, {Husband, I am grateful and blessed to walk alongside you. Dad, you stir me to right action.}
*bike rides in the river valley,
*BBQs and cups of coffee with family,
*and our wedding & travel photos finally being sorted/edited/printed/and thrust in albums.

This month I am running my first race (10km-HOLLA!), climbing a mountain, teaching little ones, and commencing Master's studies once again. My husband is also returning to school to become a big CGA in the accounting world. This is how he explained it to me, the little violinist:
"If CAs are the doctors, CGAs are the nurses."

We also came to the realization that this transition to the 2 of us in school could mean a season that is just as busy if we let it.

No thank you.

I am reading Foster's Freedom of Simplicity which has come at the most pertinent time in our lives. I am realizing that a simple existence can indeed be deep and profound.

Yes please.


Carla said…
Thank you so much for your message on my phone! I'm sad that I missed your call. But - lol - I'll be here ALL week! :) I hope you start feeling better soon - do you feel up to a phone date today? It looks like Arden decided to do the accounting school thing! I've been praying for much wisdom for both of you on that, and I'm so glad that you found a decision! Love you loads!