Summer rhythms.

It's been quiet around here with the start of July and the adjustments we've had to make with the kickoff of summer. It may be quiet a tad longer as I continue to figure out a new sort of routine and get cracking on some summer projects.

-One of which is my first scheduled RCM exam out of 3 (to be done mid-August) as I work towards my ARCT. There is much to be memorized in the next month and a half.

-I want to stay on top of the reading for my next module in October. A reading list such as this is sure to keep the night-stand full of steady reading.

-We are putting our feet up at my parent's place as they are neck deep in masters studies in BC.

-The last week and a half of July we are plunging into Aunt-Uncle responsibilities and loving-on our sweet nephew while his parents hike the West-Coast Trail. Our first hand at extended parenting/child care-taking together. Eeeep!

Arden: Hey buddy, let's do 360's off the deck near the power tools!

Erika: Hey buddy, let's color!

We have much to learn about one another and a certain 2-year-old.

Music is a part of the daily rhythms of our life so I made a summer mix to share. What sort of tunes are you listening to these days? If there are any must-adds I need to know!