Um. Woa.

My Birthday was far too much for me to handle.... and it even gets to be extended a little bit.

I am getting on my rock face for tonight and I know that the show will not disappoint.

Too much generosity, love, treats, blessing and GOOD FOOD was the order of the day yesterday. My Mom prepared a summer lunch for us to share (BBQ Italian Chicken wraps and home-made ice tea). This is what I say all the time when ever my Mom makes anything. "Yum!"

I taught a couple violin lessons and then was whisked away for a meal out with Arden. We tried Culina for the first time and this restaurant did not disappoint. At all. I can't believe we've lived within a block of this place for almost two years and have never even looked at their menu. We've heard raving reviews, but like most things, have just never gotten around to it. It was artsy, and small, and the food? Creative and amazing.

I had the phyllo wrapped goat cheese and Arden had the Alberta beef with a chocolate sauce and blue cheese sauce. I did not know that chocolate sauce could be drizzled all over a steak. Oh it can. It can QUITE NICELY.

We then returned home where Arden had prepared a scavenger hunt of witty clues hidden throughout the apartment that lead to my gift.

I was not prepared for this...

That is one hot looking macbook.... and my husband bought it for me.

Arden is so generous all the time. You have no idea. I basically sat on the chair flailing my arms yelling,
"I'm really overwhelmed, I'm really overwhelmed, I'm really overwhelmed......"

And I have not stopped.

Thank you family. Thank you friends. You love much and give much. I am so grateful for your gifts.

I have spent the day fiddling and discovering the joys that are Mac and retiring this one for awhile...

Yes, that is a grimace on my face. If you could see underneath it, you would observe that it is about as thick as a loaf of bread, it carries much like a suitcase, gurgles most of the time, and Microsoft Word, which I do all my school assignments on, behaves much like a toddler in a china shop. It is also in French as it belonged to my bilingual accountant husband. Basically, it's dangerous and I can't ever understand what it is saying. Pretty much the handiest laptop in the universe.

I am so thankful.


natasha said…
Yay for Erica joining the mac family!
Erika Britt said…
You bet. I am never turning back. Not ever.