Summer-time Fun.

In case you had any doubt, the Coldplay concert did in fact melt my face off and make my brain explode. I am still picking up the pieces.

Friday I had my first photography incident competing with the paparazzi. I have never had to shove local newspapers and tv stations out of the way to get a shot of kiddos at an event that I was asked to cover, so this was definitely a first. My little camera worked overtime and almost buckled under the intrusiveness of the media surrounding me, but not quite. My leader was gracious and generous which was the calm in the storm. Ask me about it sometime. It is perhaps not blogger worthy, but was an experience to say the least.

Today, I had the treat and privilege of photographing Edmonton's finest. Their little one's toes wanted to be nibbled on (I restrained) and her expressions, temperament, and beauty exceeded Kodak moment value. Here are a couple of the gems.

For the complete album go here. I am trying to build up my little portfolio of sorts (it needs some organizing I know) but you should go on over there and give me some props and lovin'.


Carla said…
awwwwww.... erika. Will you come take pictures of little Lucy when she comes? <:) LOVE THEM.
Cass said…
You really captured Pallas beautifully! You have quite a talent, friend.