new eats Wednesday

Burger Extravaganza

Arden and I are free loading (er... hanging out) at my parent's house this week while they are out of town. It has been great to have the added time with my brother and catch up on laundry (yes, we totally brought it with us). They have a wonderful patio on which we have been enjoying almost all of our meals.

With the warm summer evenings we've been having it was time to put the BBQ to use again.

Arden LOVES burgers. HE LOVES THEM. If we go out to eat, I'll order the ceder plank salmon and he will go nuts over minced beef and BBQ sauce in a kaiser bun.

I wanted to make a burger he would like but also put my own spin on it.... this basically involved finding unique condiments that would compliment one another. I must say... the condiment action was a success and I highly suggest all of them at the same time. You may have to stomp on the burger to squish it down to an edible size but the taste is glorious. Here's how we loaded up our patties.

A herb goat cheese spread
Jalapeno Monterey jack cheese
Vegetable spread
Red Onions & Campari tomatoes
A seedy Dijon mustard
Roasted red peppers

I seasoned the patties with sprinkles, handfuls, and dashes of....

-fresh parsley
-fresh cilantro
-minced onions
-soy sauce
-lemon juice
-fresh ground pepper

Loved these burgers. Let me know of any stellar condiments combos you have come up with!


natasha said…
I LOVE burgers too. Love, like soul mate love.
Erika Britt said…
Seriously??? What is it???
Carla said…
sounds pretty much like YUM to me. (I have been wanting a burger SOOO bad lately! Yup, little veggie lover Carla is totally craving meat. Weird.)