Joyeux anniversaire pique-nique!

While in Paris, we observed one of the greatest social traditions we've ever seen in a city. Every summer evening families, couples, and friends bring their picnic baskets, blankets, instruments and enjoy hours together sitting by the river overlooking Notre Dame. They proceed to eat and laugh and dance and sing. It is all very idyllic and romantic and lovely and wonderfully French and cultured.

This year I am joining forces with my Dad (did you know I was born on Father's Day) for a BIRTHDAY, FATHER'S DAY, HAPPY DAY, FRENCH PICNIC DAY!

You, dear friends are warmly invited!

Sunday, June 21st, 2009
Bring a salad or munchies to share,
frisbees to throw (did they do that in Paris?),
instruments to play,
and lawn chairs or blankets to sit on.
The meat (how wonderfully Albertan of me), beverages, and dessert will be provided.

I would broadcast where exactly we will be stationed that evening but well... this is the Internet. Back off creepers. Email me personally if you can come and I will disclose the info. to you.

It will be a wonderful riverfront evening together!
Petit parti! Oui oui!


M said…
Aw, that sounds so lovely! Say a hello from me to everyone I know, I hope you guys have a wonderfully special day! :)
Carla said…
that sounds fabulous! I will hum a little happy birthday tune to you from here...