Baguettes and Cappuccinos? Oui, Oui!

I have signed on to work part time this summer at another local bakery that is a 10 min. walk away from my house.

I am looking forward to a little job that will supplement our income as over half of my students take a break for the summer. It is a job that I know how to do but has some unique additions to make it fun.

The Tree Stone Bakery seems to have created quite a niche for itself. It sprouts and grinds its own grain and implements a baking technique that is centuries old and rarely used today. I learned a whole lot about pain au levain (French for a type of sourdough bread). This little place also has a small European style cafe which will most likely be my home.

Stop by for a baguette, jam and a warm cappuccino. I have a feeling you just might enjoy it.

I'm off to celebrate Canada but more just to hang out with family! Enjoy this mid-week-break!


natasha said…
ooh, I wish I was closer...