Summer+Folk Festival=HEART

Last year we arrived back to Canada from our travels grateful for our adventures, thankful for a dear family and community to return to, and very broke. Our friends enjoyed our local folk fest while we looked for a job and a home. It was a just conquest in search of a consistent source income so we could eat food and stash our treasure trove of experiences.

We were blessed with a little apartment, a surprise car, and new educational endeavors.

This August, our story is different. We are eager and keen.
Sunny afternoons sitting atop a hill marinating in folk songs and dancing with hippies? YES PLEASE!

Upsides to this year's line-up:
The official bush-man face off (get it?) is now on between Arden and Mr. Sam Beam of Iron and Wine.

Arden: 0.5 points
Sam: 100 points

Give him time. Go honey!

This continues to be one of my favorite songs featuring Sam Beam.

A duet with Rosie Thomas. I've linked to it before, but you can enjoy it all over again.

The one downside to this year's line-up:
Mr. Ashley MacIsaac
If there is a hint of high kicks in kilts with no underpants on I'm jetting it 'outta there. Mr. MacIsaac better behave himself. FOR REAL.


hey friends...we lurk you too. you guys+us=friends forever.
0.5?? Really??

Come on. At least give me 10 points. It is pretty close to 1/10 of his beard.

Just for that I am never shaving again.
Cass said…
Good luck with that, Erika. Bushy beards really lose their appeal mighty quickly when you have to kiss a mess of hair every day.