long weekends, birthdays, and flu-bugs.

That is basically how it went down.

Busy days of teaching.

Then off to babysit our nephew for my sister-in-law's birthday which coincidentally lies on the same day as my Mom. These ladies know where birthdays are at. Our evening basically involved keeling over from overwhelmingly cute toddler sayings while the parents dined out.

Then off to celebrate my Mom's birthday. My sister and I conspired a ridiculously AMAZING menu for the event: sun-dried tomato baked chicken, roasted veggies, wild rice, and a greens salad with a home-made pesto Parmesan vinaigrette... oh my! A wonderfully spent afternoon all around.

I woke up wonderfully late on Monday morning and basked in a couple of wonderfully low-key hours drinking coffee with my husband.

Then off for an afternoon involving a short shopping excursion (REAL short 'cause it was with Arden) and lunch and a big brewsky (REAL big 'cause it was with Arden) at Brewster's.

By 3pm some bug caught me. That's how it goes around these parts. The past couple of days have involved a plethora of mind-numbing movies (James Bond... can I hear an amen?) and long naps.

Despite living it up at flu-bug central, the past weekend held many great moments.

1. One being my niece's amazing red polka dotted Sunday dress.

This is basically how it went down....

"Give me the baby."

Who can resist a brown-eyed beauty in polka dots?

2. A special Sunday afternoon.

Happy Birthday MOM!!!! I am so grateful to spend days such as these with you. You are one of the most generously loving people I know.

PS: The awkward hand placement by all three kids simultaneously is a required must for family photos.


Hahhaa!! I love the awkward hand-placement. I know it too well. Hope you are doing better friend.