Home phones and birthdays.

It's been awhile friends. I hope there are still a couple of you that lurk this little space. For those that may have given up that I would ever return, you are officially invited back!

Our internet bombed so over the course of a couple weeks and a couple out of town road trips and in amongst the general hubbub that spring sprung on us, we decided this week would be the week to take the plunge and get a complete home phone and internet package. It's official. The Kobewka residence is open for calls.

You can say it. We're totally old and married.

In other news, a little brother of mine got a little older today.

Old bones. I can still beat you in an arm wrestle.

Who am I kidding?

You've grown into a wonderfully perceptive and soft heart-ed individual. You bring smiles and care where-ever you go.

Light candles, sing songs, EAT CUPCAKES!
Happy Birthday 'lil brother.