Out And About.

I seem to have taken some sort of sabbatical from blogging. It has been a healthy shift for me. I have cut down my internet usage and have instead been using the time to putter away at other projects and deadlines.

-I have decided to step back into the realm of Royal Conservatory exam taking with the goal of finally completing my ARCT the same year I am hoping to complete my masters (2011 is the year YO!). I feel in good hands with Mr. Keene but a consistent practice routine is definitely needed. I've chosen to take my first of three exams this August. The repertoire has been chosen and multiple scales are lurking around to get started on. I desperately want to teach violin through my home one day (particularly when we have a family of our own) so more teaching credentials are definitely in order.

-I am organizing a Stations of the Cross for our community's Good Friday celebrations. All are welcome! Email me if you desire details! I had a number of people asking questions regarding the history of the tradition so I wrote up just a little somethin' to answer some of those questions. If you are interested, you can read it here. Most of my thoughts were taken from this fantastic book that was part of my required reading for school. It is a rich book that offers much beauty, depth, and understanding to accompany the rhythms, rituals, and celebrations surrounding Christian Year spirituality.

-Wedding photos have been matted and framed, and travel journey photos have finally made their way to our entry-way.

-Gilbert and Suzie has a couple local shows lined up for the spring months and I'm scooting out of the city to play some jazz at my almamator. EEP!

-I am three papers away from completing my first year at St. Stephen. Must remain focused. Must remain focused.

Spring is sure to be a busy season, and I can't miss any of it.

School reflections are still rumbling beneath the surface. When they burst forth they will all come as a WAVE. I promise.

Enjoy the weekend! A farmer's market outing, beer and pizza consumption, connecting with family, and a skiff of teaching is on the agenda.

More soon.

Latest quote from a wee violinist after I returned from my two week trip out east:

"YOU KNOW... I'm six now... AND I have two loose teef."

A lot can happen in 12 days. Hold on tight.


Carla said…
Aww - good for you, Erika! That will feel SO good to have your ARCT all done! (As well as - you know - the whole masters thing too. :)) And there is something SO satisfying about getting sweet pictures all framed and put where you want them. Nathan and I are WAAAY outdated in that department. I have too many pictures to decide what to print, so I just never do.
Baby girl anderson is kicking lots these days. It's so insane.