just keep moving.

I've been quiet and sparse around these parts, mostly because I am keeping busy. I am engaged in a brisk and intensive internal-mode for returning to St. Stephen's in just over a month. I am eagerly anticipating all that has been prepared for me there, but I am feeling like I have just peered into a daunting month of work ahead. Do-able. Enjoy-able. Focused. Oh my! I do hope for productive days at home where the glow of my lap-top and the whir of furious typing keeps me company.

I will pop in again for more post-travel-reflection posts. As well, if you have a moment, I am anticipating that I will be posting quite a lot of frazzled (but focused) and thrown together in the moment (but brilliant) posts over at life's anthems. Do stop by if you can and offer me your two cents.

It may be quiet. Do not be deceived. I am on the move, making hasty preparations, and remaining a busy winter beaver.

There's nothing like pretty Paris to brighten up the gray snowy skies we seem to be experiencing. Soon friends, soon. Enjoy this crisp weekend!


Cass said…
You can do it. You will survive. Why? Because you are awesome :)