Cozy and Nice.

The Royal Bison was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. I mostly walked around hyperventilating and sighing and saying to all the sellers, “you have really nice things.” I probably stopped at each table three times. I was the eager-wide-eyed one who just walked around smiling, not buying anything for the first hour I was there.

I narrowed down my choices and walked away with a little zip-lock bag of goodies.

A little heart patch which demanded to be present here this week, being a lovey-dovey Valentines Day week and all,

a few cloth covered buttons and iron-on patches of the most excellent variety that will find their way onto an old t-shirt soon,

and a little bag of postcards that will most likely get thrust in a frame because they're the best.

The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting at home sipping home-made espresso with friends and staying cozy while chatting about art and goals of our own. I like days such as these.

Monday is looking to be a productive-stay-at-home day and a busy evening of teaching.

More soon.


Unknown said…
hey friend . . .how goes it? x