Up and at 'em.

In between a meal out on the town, sips of shiraz, blocks of time spent reading, and a pleasantly surprising movie, I have managed to get a flickr account up and running. I am slowly getting some of my favorites up for viewing so please drop by there when you can and give me some comment loving so I know I am not shooting these images out to no one. I would love for flickr to serve as an online portfolio of sorts. Who knows, one day it may be a way to rake in a little extra moo-la. In the mean time, I am quite content to remain in the easy-going spirit of,
"Hey, could you take some pictures of us?"
"I'd love to."

Enjoy the weekend, I'm off to teach some sweets**.

**(edit: and by "sweets", I mean as of one hour ago, a sturdy line-up of "your behavior is inappropriate and I will not tolerate it in my class," buncha hooligans.)


Cass said…
I hope I have a reason to casually ask you to take photos sometime, 'cause you're really really good at it!! :) I hope to be able to peruse your flickr account soon!!