new days.

Our new year's festivities were surprisingly quiet and relaxing, and involved activities that were not much more stressful then a few rounds of wii tennis, greasy wings and beer, and a few wonderfully low-key movies that were viewed from an entirely horizontal position within the folds of a ridiculously comfy sofa. 2009 I am so glad you are here, now could you pass the dip and crack me another cold one?

My lack of posting is entirely due to the lack of momentum that brought in these new year days. We are slowly settling back into life's routine activities that are very much day-to-day but far from ho-hum.

We set out on some new goals {some that are personal and some that are us} and purposed to continue some old ones.

I am desiring to

-take my vitamins everyday.

-run a half-marathon... I am now running with a small group of {three} friends that are entirely too ambitious, optimistic and fit for their own good. They are keeping this fair-weather-runner on the trails this winter.

-do my laundry before it does me in.

-live simpler...which thus far has involved evening readings from this one and this one. They have already provided a wonderful rhythm and comforting hum to our little family's day-to-day out-workings.

I promise, I do have some travel-reflection postings up my sleeve. Stay tuned. In the mean time, the left-over Christmas treats need consuming and the plethora of decorations that have warmed our home this season are in the process of making their way into storage.


Cass said…
Your new years sounds much like ours. I think that the best way to spend the holiday is with the one you love. :)
I must say that I kind of disagree with your post, honey. I'm pretty sure that we've doing something pretty much every evening so far this year. I can only remember Monday evening as a night off, and even then you worked until 8.

So, I'm pretty sure your New Year's resolution is to be crazy.

Erika Britt said…
I didn't say that the days/evenings following new years lacked activity, I just said our new year's celebrations were pretty low key.
Love, your wifey
PS: your face is crazy.
Erika Britt said…
PPS: ...and only if you're counting my supremacy at Yahtzee as stressful. To SOME it may appear as such.
Arden = Reigning 2007 and 2008 cribbage champion.

Crib = A game of both chance & skill.

Yahtzee = A stupid game based on pure luck of rolling the dice, in which I am pretty sure Erika cheats on.

Erika = Horseshoe. And crazy.

P.P.S. And my supremacy at Wii Mariokart is anything but low key.
Len Kobewka said…
Now - Now

Don't fight you two ... the neighbours are complaining.

We love the way you are ... and besides - we know who the real Cribbage Champ is!

Love, Dad