Gilbert & Suzie is taking off on Monday for a little overnight excursion to Calgary (details on our band blog). Today our first merch. arrived! Next time it will be T-shirts, stickers and more paraphernalia!

If you are ever in a pinch and need buttons made I highly suggest, the six cent press out of Vancouver. Quick, easy, reasonably priced, same day delivery, DONE! I tapped into my doodling skills and voila! It 'ain't the most Leonardo DaVinci thing ever, but it is pretty much what we were going for.

When Arden and I got married, our button favors were designed and made by The Mustache Press (out of Vancouver as well) and I would have gone with them in an instant, but we kinda jumped on the button train late this time. The little couple that runs the company are a DELIGHT to deal with and still make all their buttons on their kitchen table. Whenever we get buttons made up again I will definitely go with them. Gotta support those indy button artists.

Get out today and enjoy the sunshine! The snow, she's-a-meltin'!