a couple of nomads Part 1-Dublin Blue

Frazzled and petrified.
Fatigued and weary.
Excited and ambitious.

The previous days, hours, minutes, and moments consisted of connecting with friends while sipping Shiraz in amongst the final packaging of all our possessions while being sufficiently blessed by the hospitality and generosity of others while riding waves of fear and expectation that had rolled themselves nicely into a big ball of emotion.

Like many big events, the day anticipated for so long arrived all too quickly, and somewhat out of the blue, and suddenly

I felt unprepared.

Passports, visas, boarding passes, travel insurance. Everything was there except for a pint of confidence.

My 15 kilo bag looked up at me from the luggage ramp and I looked at it. We're in it for the long haul. Arden heaved his pack onto his back and shot me a corner-of-the-mouth grin.

I am so glad you are here.

Besides a near loss of our dear camera our flight to Dublin was uneventful. I cracked open my newly purchased moleskin journal, wrote a little ways, and slept.

A Dublin morning peered at us misty and mysterious through the airplane cabin's windows. Here goes nothing. Here goes everything.

Through the first steps that we ventured out into the great big new city, I was thankful for a confident leader to follow and a hand to hold. He knew where to disembark the bus and the hypothetical directions to the hypothetical hostel proved to be valid. Our first success!

In the days following I initially fretted inwardly (wound-up, flustered, and worrisome) at the new scope of things, but then settled into the rhythm of backpacking and exploring. Instead of mapping out our daily excursions to the nines we would rustle up a tourist guide/map of sorts, choose a couple things that peaked our fancy and then just go. This was all generally done no earlier then 10am and most often within a newly discovered cafe. At first it was an adjustment to feel comfortable within time that had no schedule and places that had no familiarity. We would walk and walk and walk--try some local fare--walk and walk and walk--take the time to take a turn through the city's gardens--walk and walk and walk--and explore local museums and read up on national history and art. It was wonderfully low-key yet overwhelmingly new.

At first glance Dublin was all I expected it to be. Cobblestone, green, misty, standard fish and chips shops on every corner (pubs on every other), and elaborate architecture that rang with history. I immediately fell in love with the self-proclaimed "Dublin Doors" and the colorful archways to local homes.

Our prime stops along the way were...

The Original Guinness Storehouse
The National Museum of Ireland
The National Art Gallery of Ireland
St. Patrick's Cathedral
The James Joyce Centre

...And a general meandering into local pubs for a legit fish and chips, lamb stew, and pint of Irish brew.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Dublin, you were a safe place for me to find my travel legs and an ounce of bravery. It is where I tried adventure on for size and found that it fit nicely.


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Beautiful post lady!!