all growed up...

My dearest and oldest friend is getting married today.

I was 9 she was 8. We met outside a tacky pink colored, residential building in mainland China. We loved barbies (particularly those of the Pocahontas variety), stuffed animals, and all things cute. We spent ages singing on roof tops, recording candid "radio programs" on cassette tapes, wasting film making funny faces, biking to little shops (a couple of little white girls in a maze of Asians), cuddling cats, drawing (she has waaaay more skill in this area then me) and giving each other makeovers.

Just over a year ago she made the trek to come to our wedding--serving, participating, and just loving on us like only a friend could.

This week, teary eyed and disappointed, I wrote an email to send in my absence.

I love your new blog update and LOVE even more how John makes you glow. Continue to glow dear friend. I pray for bright skies, open hearts, and love that makes you swooooon down to your toes, to be all over your wedding day.

Missing you more.
Much love,

We still know how to work a camera.

It is true. The best friends to keep are the oldest ones.
Happy wedding day, dearest friend of mine. Shine on.


Thank you, dear Erika. I love you and you never fail to make me tear up with your beautiful, beautiful words.