'Tis the season of Christmas card photos.

Yesterday we spent an hour with our dear family in the crisp cold, trudging, running, sledding, distracting a toddler, and taking photos until our cheeks were rosy, and my photo-trigger-finger was numb.

All in all a success!


Eternity In Our Hearts said...

I love Tristan's rosy cheeks in the 2nd last one!

Theresa said...

I am 100% convinced that all small children should wear woolen hats with ears!!!

Nicole said...

Thanks again for taking the lovely pictures of our family. They all turned out so beautiful. I have our Christmas greeting cards underway with one of the pictures...you'll just have to wait and see!!!
Oh, and I do agree with both of the aboove comments....we sure think our little Tristan is a cutie too :)

Cass said...

Such a sweet family memories!

Carla said...

nice, Erika!