Staying busy & Keeping warm

The cold air has definitely moved in on us.

I have much to finish.

This weekend is brimming with Christmas parties.

My dear husband is spending his evenings hunched over until the wee hours of the morning mixing this little-Christmas-EP of ours.

My little students are bustling to get their Christmas pieces ready for the recital.

I am busting my butt to get ready slide back into violin lessons with Mr. Keene-The Great.

Christmas presents are waiting to get made.

But Christmas time is here. And quiet moments to let it all sink in are theeeeeee beeeeest.

Have I mentioned that I'm pretty certain that the city's most gorgeous Christmas tree is IN FACT, right in my living room? Because, it totally is.

Keep on keepin' on.


Theresa said…
It is pretty dang gorgeous!! P.S. I love your new banner too!