New Space.

Good morning friends.

As I have been mulling and studying I have come to the conclusion that I need yet another online space to work in. This silly little blog will still remain active but I'm seeing that I need a more focused larger space.

I have decided to resurrect my original blog, Life's Anthems (granted it looks a little different), for the soul purpose of accumulating and organizing all this knowledge I am acquiring before it runs out my ears. I will be publishing some of my papers, projects, and any articles/passages/excerpts that are applicable to my studies...particularly as I wind deeper and deeper into thesis territory.

I invite your thoughts and feedback. Please be gentle as I journey into writing on a more serious academic level. I love to write but musical poetry comes much easier to me then the real deal. Catch my drift? I welcome your insight. Please let me know if I really do justice to these big ideas.

Big love to you all, each one.


Carla said…
YAY! I'm so glad! Can't wait to hear all about it!