Monday morning.

Our little home is actually quite the icebox. Once the sun sets (which is so early these days) slippers and sweaters aren't just advised they are a must! All our windows have been crusted shut for weeks now, but this morning I woke up to this.

Pretty right?

This weekend was full and productive and quite nice.

Saturday was recital day for my little students. There is a hand-full of little ones that continue to surprise me with what they are capable of.

One remembered all her notes to "Joy to the World" except the very last one but her first question when at last she saw me was,
"Do you like my dress?!?!"

Another delight clung to me like toffee and helplessly gritted through his teeth, "I DON'T want to do this!" as we climbed the tall stairs to the stage.

Saturday was full of cute little songs, little mischievous terrors dressed-to-the-nines, and buckets and buckets and buckets of nerves. They did well despite it all.

I continued to plug away at Christmas crafting (it will get finished!) and this weekend's bounty put forth seven little bound recycled journals for stocking stuffers. They are made from old record cases and the surplus of graph-paper, lined paper, and even the backs of photo-copied jazz-standards (I really don't need 10 copies of "Straight No Chaser") that were precariously stacked in our closet. They were a tad time consuming but all-in-all a success.

More soon friends. Stay warm!


natasha said…
Those are so freaking cute. I want one!
Jen said…
Erika, you are so creative! those journals are awesome!