Crafting mayhem.

Many months ago, one of my favorite crafters put out a free PDF version of book plates she designed. I snatched them up at once as one resembles a friend and avid reader of mine quite remarkably.

They were a chore to print out and get lined up with the labels I bought (I probably used half a print cartridge just figuring it out) and in the end it had to be Arden and his computer skills who mastered it quite wonderfully.

Christmas present # 10, done.

In the area of crocheting, there is a lot left to do. The scarves are turning out beautifully. If they just didn't take so darn long to make.

Christmas present # 20-billion, not done. Late evenings spent in front of twinkle lights and frosty windows working like a busy bee? Do-able.

Stay warm during this wintery weekend.